Worshipful Master’s Welcome

I welcome you to the Orion Lodge Website hope that you enjoy looking around the site and that you enjoy the content.

Orion Lodge is a small lodge in the Province or Warwickshire that is expanding in it’s number of members.  We hope that what you read in these pages interest you enough to make contact with us want to join us, or at least come and meet with a few of us on a social basis to find out more of what Freemasonry is about.  You will find some excellent and informative material on this site and the linked Provincial Grand Lodge site for Warwickshire as well as the one for the United Grand Lodge of England. Our members span a long range of ages from mid-twenties into very late seventies! We meet in Birmingham on the Fourth Thursday of the month during the period October to April inclusive (no meeting in December). In the Last year we have been fortunate to have had as our Worshipful Master Worshipful Brother John M Cowan who is also the Provincial Chaplain.  He has ruled our lodge in a friendly and humorous manner, but has also achieved that goal and aims that he set upon taking up the tenure.   I will be laying down my plans for the year soon for which details will be posted on this site, so keep coming back and look at the ‘ Events’ section.   There will be the normal business meetings held each month with additional items such as Lectures, Initiations of new candidates and ‘promotion’ of those in the lodge around the various offices. We will also be planning several formal and informal social event that we hope non-masons will attend. Our meetings are held in the dedicated Masonic rooms at the Apollo Hotel, 243-247 Hagley Road, Birmingham, B16 9RA.  Dining is also at the hotel in an excellent dining room set aside for us, with a good range of food available to us.  We will set a menu for each session with options for those with dietary requirements.

  Why not come along, give us a try and enjoy your evening! We are also hoping to recruit some new members this ensuing year, could this be you?

Worshipful Brother Paul Jenkins, Worshipful Master

11th November 2015

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